Until Proven Innocent is a deeply personal story, following Hannah Overton and her family through the most difficult time of their lives. It is also a critically important film, depicting a horrible injustice that should not happen, but does – far too often.
If this can happen to someone as good as Hannah, it makes very clear every single citizen is only one detective or DA’s incorrect hunch away from jail time.

The unbelievable tragedy of a child’s death was compounded by the prosecution of an innocent person for murder. The truth set Hannah free in the end, and ID is proud to tell the story of those who worked tirelessly to overturn her conviction.

Sony also went for Until Proven Innocent: The Hannah Overton Story, which examines the mysterious salt poisoning death of 4-year-old Andrew Burd.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producers Kelli Weinzierl Pamela Colloff Producers David Hobbs Anthony Jackson Jenna Jackson Directors Jenna Jackson Anthony Jackson Supervising Editor David Hobbs Director of Photography Matt Godwin  Gaffer Mike Spicer Sound Design Pierre Cardenas Greg Armstrong Larry Servin Camera Operator Adrian Garcia Assistant Editors Sam Butler Braeden Sawyer Aerial Photography Operator Andre Production Coordinator Casey Hobbs Production Assistants Jordan Powell Lauryn Sanford Sarah Byington Art Director Bryan Martin Controller Alexis Kiker


A very very special thank you to for sharing with us their footage of Hannah Overton. Special Thanks Hannah Overton’s family Austin American Statesman Calvary Chapel of the Coastlands Calvary South Austin Church Corpus Christi Caller Times Greg Silverman Jeremy Valencia Pam Colloff Pam Mahoney Pastor Rod & Noreen Carver San Antonio Express Texas Monthly

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